State AFL-CIO endorses Roz Baker

Roz Baker has won the endorsement of the Hawaii State AFL-CIO for her run for re-election to State Senate 6th District (South and West Maui).

“We endorse Roz Baker for her support of working families,” said Jason Bradshaw, COPE Director of Hawaii State AFL-CIO. “We believe that it is especially crucial to support candidates who believe that all workers deserve a living wage, a safe and healthy workplace that hard-won benefits are protected.”

The Hawai'i State AFL-CIO is a voluntary federation of 73 local affiliate unions and councils in the State whose parent international unions are affiliated at the national level with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). As the voice for Hawaii's workers, they are dedicated to improving the lives of working families, bringing fairness and dignity to the workplace.

As Chair of the Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health Committee, Baker championed and helped pass important legislation to improve access to quality healthcare, support 100 percent renewable energy goals, and keep our economy strong. She continues to work on issues that matter to Maui’s citizens such as affordable rental housing; highway improvements including the Lahaina Bypass; funding for the new high school in Kihei and coral reef protection.