Roz Baker runs for re-election

State Senator Roz Baker has pulled papers for re-election to the 6th Senatorial District of South and West Maui.

Baker has represented the people of Maui County in the Hawai‘i State Legislature for over 25 years serving in a variety of leadership positions. Currently, she is Chair of the Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health Committee.

Baker listed some of the legislative issues that are a focus of her 2018 term and that she expects to carry over to her re-election campaign. “We need to continue to work on issues that matter to our local citizens such as affordable rental housing; improving our highways including the Lahaina bypass going north; building and opening the new high school in Kihei along with improved funding for public education; promoting sustainable economic development; caring for our environment and important community issues such as prevention of domestic violence and sex assault and care for our elders.