MAUI MANA'O In these latest episodes, Maui Senators Roz Baker, J. Kalani English and Gilbert Keith Agaran talk about the issues facing Maui and how the State Senate is addressing those issues. Maui Mana'o, Episode 15, May 15, 2014   Maui Mana'o, Episode 14, April 23 2014   Maui Mana'o, Episode 13, April 3 2014  
PAST VIDEOS Maui Mana'o, March 2012 Senator J Kalani English and Senator Roz Baker discussed some notable bills moving through the State Legislature this Session, including Senate Bill (SB) 2783, relating to the Public Land Trust; SB 2933, relating to ocean safety; SB 2960, relating to aeronautics; SB 2012, The Invest in Hawai'i Act of 2012; and SB 2785, relating to interisland electric transmission cable systems.
  Maui Mana'o Ep 9 Pt 1, May 2012 Focus on fair negotiations of fore-closure for Maui homeowners. Hawaiian Language Bill passes. Budget bill furthers improvements to Infrastructure across Maui, including airports, roads and bridges. Budget funds secured for fiscal year exceeded expectation for repair and maintenance of DOE buildings and UH, Health Care facilities and pedestrian safety. House and Senate reached agreement for OHA Settlement.
Maui Mana'o Ep 9 Pt 2, May 2012 Focus on Re-invest Hawai'i SB2776 promotes a statewide evaluation of Hawaii's Public Safety and Judicial Branch to create more efficiency in government services and spending. Limited waivers and some exemptions were made this session necessary for public safety and welfare while protecting the environment. Senate appoints Governor's nominees of three Maui women judges to the District Court. Inter-island Cable bill passes allowing future opportunities for islands of Maui, Oahu and Hawai'i to distribute sufficient renewable power into the firm power network while insuring regulation of proposed cable development. Maui Senate Delegation looks forward to advancing industry incentives and tax credits during 2013 Legislative session.