“Roz is a person of the people.  She does things for the community all the time – even help us pack up books for the Lahaina Library.  That’s something public officials don’t normally do.” -Norm Bezane, West Maui    
“Roz pushed for the $8 million to complete our new environmentally-friendly Lahainaluna High cafeteria.  Our students love it -- and so do the teachers!  Mahalo, Roz, for continuing to support Maui’s education.” - Ray Camacho, Food Services Manager, Lahainaluna High    
“When I was President of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce, Roz always found time to come to speak to us.  I’ve known her for a long time and she has always been there, no matter how small or big the request.” - Marietta Carino, retired businesswoman  
“I’m voting for Roz because she has helped Lahainaluna High in so many endeavors, including the construction of our stadium and brand new cafeteria.  Roz comes up to the school whenever we need her, but more importantly, she’s always there for our students.” - Emily DeCosta, Principal, Lahainaluna High    
“What I like about Roz is that she is tough but fair-minded and principled.  She won’t cave in simply because of politics.  She studies each issue carefully, then makes up her mind based on what’s good for the people of Hawai’i.” - Donna Domingo, ILWU Local 142 President    
“I like Roz because she spends time and listens to farmers.  She has long supported agriculture on Maui and the expansion of local homegrown products.  We need someone looking out for our interests at the State Capitol -- and that’s Senator Baker!” - Kimo Falconer, President, MauiGrown Coffee Inc.    
“Roz has been fantastic at bringing funding into West Maui.  In the past, we’ve felt like the “forgotten place” but not since Roz has been representing our district.   She’s been very, very effective for us.” - Sarah Foley, Maui Communicators    
“Senator Baker has always looked out for our seniors – especially for long-term care services at home, senior housing and MEO transportation.” - May Fujiwara, West Maui Seniors representative      
“Roz really hears the hearts of the people.  We’re facing a lot of challenges going forward, so we need to keep Roz on the front lines representing Hawai’i, its resources, the economy and affordable housing.  She’s got my blessing and my vote.” - Kahu Alailani Hill, Hawaiian Ceremonies & Loopels    
“I’ve worked with Roz for years at the Kihei Community Assoc, Kihei Youth Center and walked with her at the Relay for Life.  We’ve laughed together and cried together.  It’s not easy being a State Senator but I think she’s doing a terrific job.” - Paula Kalanikau, retired school health worker    
“After a big storm created horrendous flooding in Leiali’i, I reached out to Roz.  I’ve known her to be a person of action and she quickly got the state agencies together with Hawaiian Homelands to get the problem fixed.  It means a lot that Roz responds to the needs of our people.” - Makalapua Kanuha, Lahaina resident    
“Roz has always been an advocate for education and youth -- not only in her district but throughout the islands.  I like that she also does a lot to improve health care for our people.  And that she wants to preserve our culture – and I mean ALL of our cultures that make up Hawai’i.” - Kimokeo Kapahulehua, Hawaiian cultural advisor    
“I got to know Roz 15-20 years ago and felt that this was the person we needed for our West Maui community.  We’re very proud of her and we’ll continue to do whatever we can to have her represent us.” -Bob Kawaguchi, West Maui senior    
“Roz has been fighting for the construction of Kihei High School for many, many years.  She knows that a high school is the final piece and will help unite the community.  Roz is a true friend of teachers and education.” - Annie Kemper, teacher, Kihei Elementary    
“Roz’s efforts to improve health care on Maui continue to save lives every day. Maui Memorial has the second busiest Emergency department in the state and Roz helped us get funding for the expansion and renovation necessary to meet the ER needs of our community.” - Barbara Larrabee-Duarte, MMMC ER registered nurse    
“Roz Baker is such a great supporter of the YMCA here on Maui.  We’ve got big projects in the works for Kihei.  Roz is the person we want to help us get the job done.” - Mike Morris, President & CEO, Maui YMCA    
“Roz is a tireless public servant not only for South and West Maui, but for our entire state. She is very approachable and will always listen to everyone’s concerns. I can count on Roz to help move our state forward.” - Rick Nava, President, MSI Maui  
“I love Roz.  She tells the truth and for a politician, that’s really something.  She is an amazing human being…she’s done so much for healthcare on Maui.” - Dr. Helen Percy, retired physician    
“Roz is a great believer in local startups. As the owner of a successful customer service company in Kihei, I really appreciate her support as we move toward diversifying Maui’s economy and creating more jobs for our residents.” - Max Tsai, President, TC Kokua, LLC    
“I work with Roz on the annual Maui Children & Youth Day. This is our 6th year for the event.  Roz has a strong commitment to youth and the community and that’s why I really want to see her back in the Senate.” - Yuki Lei Sugimura, Community events organizer    
“Throughout my entire community service life on Maui, it seems like Senator Baker has always been there by my side.  Whether it was the Kihei Youth Center, South Maui Learning Ohana, Kihei Charter School or whatever I was involved with, Roz has  made the youth of Maui a priority.” - Gene Zarro, education advocate